Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ooma closing critical website?

The website had a very short live. It was set up at the end of August and yet had to close only some days later. Webmaster Mike Pierce, a techie who started the website where he dissected the Ooma service, says in a comment to a blog post:
The web site was taken offline under threat of legal action by ooma, claiming that it contained many untruths and was slanderous. They would not detail what they thought was untrue or try to provide corrections.

September 6, 2007 2:54 PM lived such a short time that there isn't even a copy in the cache of Google or MSN. You can find only some regarding blog posts or comments in other blogs where Mike advertized his site.

I have been told that at first Ooma approached Mike, indicating that they were trying to "reach out" to him. They alledgedly offered him a White Rabbit, which he refused, and told him Ooma technical people would look at the site and get in contact with Mike about issues that they think are wrong. However, instead, a few days later, Tom Cronan, Ooma CFO and counsel, supposedly called and threatened legal action so Mike took the site down.

That's just what I have been told in a private message. I never had the chance to see the website. You would think a company launching a new product would have better things to do. Please use the comments section if you know more or want to correct the information.


  1. Mmh, interesting. I have listened to the CrunchTalk interview with one of the founders and Ashton Kutcher, both of whom seemed pretty open about Ooma. We'll see where this is going.

  2. Have you asked ooma?

  3. Yes I asked the press department and wait for an answer or better: a comment on this blog post.

  4. The contents of the site before it was shut down are available in the following ZIP file: Download

    Perhaps someone is willing to host it.

  5. if you want i can try to host a mirror of this site..only if you guys find it helpful

  6. i can try to host a mirror of that site if you guys find it helpful

  7. oh..i think my idea of having a mirror not needed as the site is up and running.

  8. After more than 24 hours I still don't have an answer from Ooma and I guess I won't get one. Although my logfiles show that they have read this blog post.

    I will not host the website since I cannot agree to everything that has been said there. But there is enough free and anonymous webspace in the internet.

  9. I don't think one has to agree with everything on the site to offer to host it. I don't agree with everything either, but I still think the content should be available on the net for readers to evaluate on their own.

    Those offering to host the content, please provide the link when you have the content on-line.

    The site that one sees now at is just a generic "parked" page, NOT the content of the real original site.

    The content in the above ZIP is still looking for a safe-harbor (home).


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