Thursday, June 28, 2007

Qino and Jajah get even more engaged

There were rumours about a new deal of the investment company Qino Flagship which recently had invested in Jajah. Now it's out: Daniel Mattes, co-founder and chairman of Jajah, joins Qino's advisory board. Mattes and his fellow founder Roman Scharf also bought a less then five per cent equity stake from Qino.

Mattes says they want to provide their network and experience to Qino's other companies. One directly starts to wonder which ones. Update Software? Pankl?

With Jajah's Mattes in Qino's advisory board the two companies want to emphasize their long term relationship. It started in 2000 and brought Qino already a 5 per cent share in Jajah as compensation for consulting and financial help. With the latest deal Qino now controls nearly 8 per cent of Jajah. Its stock price has doubled in just one month.

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