Friday, February 29, 2008

Truphone's new pricing

Will the free lunch finally be over? That's what most Truphone users are wondering. The company has extended it's introductory offer several times. Some people are enjoying free Truphone calls to the landlines of 40 countries for an entire year already. Today is one of these days that the party is supposedly over. The Truphone press website still says:
Thursday, December 20, 2007
Truphone freezes call charges until the end of February 2008

Truphone today announced that all Truphone call charges have been frozen at their current rates until February 29th 2008. For the next two months, Truphone calls will be free to landlines in 40 countries, and to mobiles in the USA, Canada and elsewhere. Using Truphone to call EU mobiles costs just 15 pence per minute or less.

In Truphone's Mobile VoIP Forum users get nervous and say things like: "It is a bit lame though now being the 29th and no prices given on the website. How are people supposed to take a company like this seriously." They are right. February 29th is nearly over now, but still there is no new pricing. Truphone team member JackieG says in the same thread:
Yep, Feb 29th has long been marked in our calendars. We've been putting the finishing touches to a spruced-up website and a new price offer.

Check out tomorrow afternoon (Sat 1st March) to get full details. We will also be sending good news to existing customers by email and SMS...

So this time it's just a relaunch of the website? That makes me guess that the new price offer will be the same like before: Free calls for another two months. Later we will see much more technical advancements from Truphone, as Research Director James Body showed me in Barcelona.


  1. i think they have put themselves in a difficult situation. i am one of i believe a lot of users for whom fring is our preferred mobile VOIP platform. but we use truphone by far the most because we can not turn down an offer of totally free calling. the ir pricing would have to beat the best deal i can find with a SIP termination partner registered to fring if they want me to continue as a customer. so far their paid destinations are not very competitive; so they will need to be really cheap with the destinations that are now free. defiantly under 1 eurocent for me to consider any payment.

  2. i just saw the new rates. they are some of the most expensive in the world of VOIP. i think that no one uses SIP on a mobile for any reason other than absolute rock bottom pricing.

    i believe truphone could be in for some really massive customer defections. i would have expected them to cut the free calls and maybe offer calls for 1 cent or something like that.


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