Thursday, February 1, 2007

First Blog post

Hello folks,

today I start my tech blog. I know I am not the first. But I realized in the last days that I have opinions to many devices that are not well reflected in the other media. I read other blogs, websites and newsletters, but sometimes I want to answer. So the last times I wrote comments in the blogs of Om Malik and Andy Abramson. That's enough. Now I am going to start my own blog and whenever I have an opinion I am going to write it down there. It will still probably be comments on other people's thoughts and still appear in their comments section. But now as a trackback to my own blog entries.

I first called the blog "Tech desiderata" because I see that there are still many things which have to get better in nowadays technology. Many stuff bores me, annoys me or just does not work. I will tell my readers about it and hopefully won't be boring myself. But the name is now "Markus Göbel's Tech News Comments".

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