Monday, February 12, 2007

The iPod needs a DELETE Button!

I like my 5th generation iPod very much. It let's me listen to music and news and it shows videos. I still don't have it too long and so I am still very enthusiastic. This makes me subscribe to many podcasts. I love it to be independent from time schemes they have in radio and television. I can listen to the music I like and see the tv program I want when I have time to do it. That's podcasting, but only when it works well.

But there is a problem:

Until you find the podcasts that you really like, you have to subscribe to many of them and to suffer from very bad ones. This experience doesn't count only for audio podcasts. Even video podcasts can be quite boring although they are obviously made by professionals.

So I am always carrying around 30 GB of podcasts on my iPod and try to get track of them. What is so stupid about Apple's iPod is that is has no delete button. If I don't like the podcast that I am hearing while driving in public transport I would like delete it directly from the iPod. Having come home I would have enough free space to download new podcasts on my mobile device. My problem is that I already have more than 30 GB of podcasts stored on my laptop. So I always have to decide which one I want to keep on my iPod.

This is so annyoing: I have to connect the iPod to iTunes and see it's list of content. Than I have to remember which podcast I didn't like and which one I wanted to keep. I have to remember which one I have already heared and which not. This is because iTunes and the iPod do not synchronize this. My iTunes doesn't care which podcast I already listened to on the iPod.

One workaround or a hack for this problem could be the "rate your songs" feature. Normally you can awarding from one to five stars to the songs that you are hearing on your iPod while listenig to them. I could use this feature the other way round: Songs or podcasts with five stars are so bad that they have to be deleted the next time I connect to iTunes.

But the "rate your songs" feature doesn't work on my iPod. It works fine on my friend Christian's iPod nano, but not on mine. We both don't understand why and already tried it several times.

Hello Apple! It's time for a firmware update.

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