Tuesday, March 13, 2007

4S newcom converges fixed, mobile and internet telephony

Now that's a press release I like: 4S newcom, inventor of the blue4S, "the world's slickest PBX", running on a blue Apple Mac mini, do it again: On the on the occasion of the CeBIT, the world's largest computer expo from 15th till 21th of march 2007 in Hannover (Germany), they start to sell the software running on the blue4S on a bigger scale. It can be used for many purposes: to substitute an expensive hardware PBX in a big company, to save on mobile communication costs or to even build up an own VoIP telephony provider.

They let mobile phones make free calls via their PBX, using Wifi to connect them or flat-rate tariffs for dial-in. Especially I like the "intelligent redirect: a user is given a set of local telephone numbers, which are redirected to international destinations of his choice". That's a little big like the free Break In numbers from Tpad, that my Peruvian friends use, but much more nifty.

4S Fixed, Mobile and Converged: 4S FMCd

Berlin-based 4S newcom introduces its new product range for fixed, mobile converged VoIP. The new software suit "4S FMCd" integrates PBX functionality with a carrier-grade prepaid system to offer high-level IP Centrex functionality to mobile users.

In addition to providing a feature-rich hosted class-5 IP PBX to VoIP users, the software provides full functionality and cost savings to mobile handsets as well. Making use of WLAN-enabled handsets or flat-rate tariffs for dial-in, call-through and call-back, users can use their mobile handsets as PBX system phones with almost no costs on the mobile phone’s bill.

"With this suite, 4S newcom offers providers and business users full fixed-mobile convergence as value-added functionality", says Harry Behrens, founder and director of 4S newcom. "We rely on dual-mode mobile handsets as well as flat rate tariffs increasingly offered by mobile operators". By connecting platform users to VoIP trunk circuits and configuring dial plans, optimal, e.g. least cost, routing plans can be configured at very fine granularity.

GSM connectivity is added by connecting 4-channel GSM extension boards by junghanns.NET to the system server’s PCI extension slots.

Two example scenarios are free redirection to mobile phones and international calls from mobile phone at VoIP prices. Redirection of fixed office numbers to mobile phones works by routing an incoming call to an employee’s desk phone to the employee’s mobile phone using the appropriate GSM channel on above mentioned GSM module. The call will then be completed at no cost.

"Another very useful setup is what we call intelligent redirect: a user is given a set of local telephone numbers, which are redirected to international destinations of his choice. For example by calling a Berlin number from my mobile phone (for free) I am connected to my parent’s phone in London and can talk to them using my mobile phone at zero cost to the mobile’s bill and a grand total of less than 1 Euro per hour! Basically we are arbitraging between mobile rates and VoIP rates"

A trial run for a limited number of users will be launched on March 19th 2007 at http://www.4snewcom.de/fmcd/. This trial run will allow registered users full use of the system based on two simple tariffs, one being a flat rate.

About 4S newcom:

4S newcom focuses on delivering carrier-grade software platforms to VoIP providers, ISPs and enterprises. 4S newcom delivers system, components and know-how along the full VoIP value chain: carrier grade class-4 "dial tone systems", on-premise IP PBX, hosted PBX as well as IP Centrex. Its two product lines are the carrier grade 4S ITSP Solution and the 4S IP PBX.
4S newcom last hit the news with its slick Mac mini-based IP PBX blue4S.

Press contact:

Maja Schneider
Tel: +49-30-79 70 87 71

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