Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tpad's free call service in Peru works great now

It seems that Tpad took the advice from my last blog post "Free incoming VoIP number from Tpad seems false labeling to me". In their new press release they just say "Tpad Launches 13 New Break In Local Telephone Numbers". That's the right way to say it. Tpad doesn't give free incoming SIP numbers to its clients, but they have found a great way to lower international phone costs for people from poor countries. Their latest press release states:
Popular VoIP provider Tpad have unveiled their latest innovation in their drive to cut the cost of phone calls, Break In local numbers. By dialing a Break In number before calling Tpad customer the caller will only be charged at local rate no matter where in the world they are calling.
I can only agree to that and I can say that they have improved dramatically their service in Peru. The Peruvian Break In number works perfectly now. My friends from Peru call my phone in Germany for the price of a local phone call in Lima. Two weeks ago Tpad still had problems offering this service, as I told in a former blog post:
Often this service doesn't even work, as I experienced with my friends from Peru. They call the Tpad call in number in Lima and then want to type in my Tpad number. But already after the fourth number the computer voice says "this option is invalid" and asks them to put in the number again. When they try it for another time, they hear the same answer and then the computer hangs up. Sometimes it also says "we have problems". The Tpad support told me that "it may seem that there is a problem with the peru number, our network team are looking into the problem". I really hope so.
Now the calls from Lima work without problems and Tpad does even do the CLIP. When my Peruvian friends call me on my virtual Tpad number I can see their number in the display of my phone.

Tpad already makes them change their telephony habits. Before they called me for free from their computers, using the softphone from Gizmo Project. That worked quite OK, but the voice quality wasn't the best since the DSL connections in Peru aren't so fast.

Now they call me on my Peruvian Break In + Tpad number. While writing this blog post I just got another call. The voice quality is stunning. Much better than a fixed line phone call from Peru. My friends can call me now from every Peruvian pay phone for local prices and do not have to boot their computers anymore to talk for free to their friend in Germany.

Well done, Tpad!

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