Friday, April 27, 2007

I got five new Joost invites

The New York Times tells that Joost will officially begin its broadcasts on next tuesday, 1st of may 2007. Maybe that's the reason why I got this email which lets me invite five more persons.

As always the five nices blog comments will get an invitation to Joost from me. Just explain why I should invite especially you!

von: Joost Support Details ausblenden 17:57 (Vor 28 Minuten)
an: Markus Göbel <......@....>
datum: 27.04.2007 17:57
betreff: You got 5 new Joost invites for your friends
gesendet von:

Hello Markus,

and thanks for recommending Joost to your friends!

As a little thank-you gift, we've given you 5 more invitations
in your "My Joost" invitation widget for you to share with them.

We also hope you enjoy the new channels. To stay tuned to
what's hot and new on Joost, you can also check out the
notice board, available from the widget menu in "My Joost."

Happy Viewing!

The Joost team

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  1. can you give me a invitation?
    i'm Chinese, living in shanghai. there are very few Chinese people who knows such a magic of television online.
    I really want it and have been waiting for it for nearly a month.
    i will appreciate you if you send me a invitation.
    My mail:

  2. Hello,
    Can you send a Joost Invitation ?
    Thank you

  3. OK,

    Deng just got his invitation. But, Tynzo, I need your email address! To whom should I send the invitation whithout it?

    Best regards,


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