Friday, April 6, 2007

Jajah misleads the media with news on iPhone, LG Prada and Sony PSP

Does anybody understand the public relations officer at Jajah? Every few days the company makes a similar announcement that on closer examination means nothing:
PSP (PlayStation Portable) gamers around the globe: Call with JAJAH!
Thursday, April 05. 2007

JAJAH Wears Prada

Thursday, March 29. 2007

Apple iPhone + Jajah
Tuesday, January 09. 2007

It seems they try to to make a news out of every device that can open their mini website Maybe they have the laziest press department ever, that only wants to vary the same press release again and again? Or are their Venture Capitalists pushing too hard for good news, so that they try to cheat them with these hot air press releases?

I am already waiting for news like Jajah works with Nokia N95, Jajah ready for Motorola MOTORIZR Z8, Finally Jajah on Samsung F700, Jajah also works with Sagem my150X, Call your friends with Jajah on the Samsung SGH-i600, ...

This way they could have every day a new announcement. But what upsets me most is that there are still blogs and news websites which present these lame press releases as a big story.

Read this quote from Jajah:
Nearly 25 million PSP systems have shipped globally, so millions can take part in free or low-cost calls by using the Internet browser functionality and visiting to make a JAJAH call.
Or this:
Jajah will work on the Prada, the same way it will work on the Apple iPhone. To use JAJAH, you simply go to via the phones browser.
Or this:
We are going to bring Jajah Mobile to the iPhone as soon as it becomes available. iPhone users will be able to make free or very low cost global Jajah calls with a single click, without a special download, other equipment, wi-fi or broadband access.

Are you getting it? Jajah is doing nothing for the iPhone, the LG Prada or the Playstation Portable (PSP). They design no extra software and have no exclusive contracts to preinstall Jajah on these devices. At least they don't say so in their press releases. The company is just announcing that their mobile website can be opened on these devices.

That's like if I would announce that the website of Markus Göbel's Tech News Comments is compatible with the iPhone, LG Prada or the Sony PSP. Of course it is. It's a website, stupid! Every device with a browser can open it. is nothing else, but I wouldn't write a press release for every gear that can show my blog.

But nevertheless GigaOM says "Jajah uses devices to grow" or the Tech Digest applauds "Quite a coup for VoIP company Jajah, it has managed to get its functionality featured on LG's much-anticipated Prada handset".

Can't they read? Or am I missing something?

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