Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Forum for Gizmo Call's "Free Local Numbers" online again

In my former post "What happened to Gizmo Call's "Free Local Numbers"?" I complained that Gizmo Call's free local numbers did not work anymore. At least it seemed so since I cannot receive any calls anymore and the respective user forum on Gizmo's website had dissappeared.

Then I got this email from Clay Elliot, Director Business Development at Gizmo Call's mother company SIPphone, Inc.:
I saw your blog post about Free Local Numbers (FLN). I believe the forum you were trying to find was just temporarily down. This week we moved from beta into full release to the world so there was a bit of shifting. http://forum.gizmoproject.com/viewforum.php?f=15/ is up now.

OK, that's great. So at least the forum is online again. You can see it here. Even better is that the free local numbers are now out of beta and part of Gizmo Call's normal service.

But still I cannot receive any calls on my free local inbound number. I guess there is some trouble with my account. Or does anybody have similar problems?

As I told you in "How Gizmo Project's free local numbers save me 230 dollars annually" I use this service heavily to receive calls from my friends in Peru. It was really nice to have my own local number in Lima. They could call me by VoIP without even noticing that this service had to deal with the internet. Let's see what my trouble ticket to the Gizmo support brings.

At least there still is Tpad with its Break-In numbers and Tpad extensions as quite similar, but not as nice, alternative.

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