Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Gizmo Call's free local numbers now every time different

I told you before how Gizmo Call's new feature, free local numbers, would save me lots of money. A great feature, but just for me. It seems that other users can't use it anymore in the way I did. I was still able to authorize about 50 different numbers of Peruvian friends and they all got the same Peruvian phone number assigned by Gizmo Call.

They all can now call the same number to reach me. It works like if I had a real Peruvian VoIP phone number - a service that would normally cost 230 dollars per year.

Sadly it seems that Gizmo Call changed their procedure and this small "hack" can't be repeated anymore. The last time I wanted to authorize more Peruvian phone numbers I realized that now every contact gets an other number assigned. Very clever of the Gizmo people.

And probably the right move, since such an inbound number would have normally costs 230 dollars per year.

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