Monday, August 13, 2007

Voipbuster offers free SMS from mobile phones

The Betamax company Voipbuster now offers free SMS from a mobile phone. I have just checked it out and it works great. You just have to install a small Java applet on your cell phone. Voipbuster routes the message as so called "UrlSms" over their servers. The SMS is free, besides of a little 3G data traffic. I have just sent two totally free SMS over Wifi from my Nokia E61. The messages arrive within minutes and seem to be a tiny bit slowlier than normal SMS.

1) How to install:
  • On your mobile go to (on some mobiles you need to choose 'download application' on some phones you can just go to the webpage).

  • download and install the application, start the application (for most mobiles: in the menu, go to applications)

  • in "settings" fill in your VoipBuster username / password and your mobile phone number

2) How to send SMS:
  • start the application (for most mobiles: in the menu, go to applications)
  • go to options --> sms
  • you can select the person you want to send a sms from your mobile phone contacts through options --> add from contacts
  • type your message and hit SEND!
  • your mobile phone will ask you to open a data connection. This uses just a tiny bit of data traffic.
  • Voipbuster charges you nothing! Yes --> NOTHING!
Again I wonder how Betamax will refinance this service. But they already surprised me a few times with such offers. Normally they don't last too long and then become paid services at cheap prices. I guess it's just an introductory offer.


  1. The SMS messages are listed as 5 eurocent apiece on the Voipbuster website. So this might just as well be a technical glitch that they can correct at any time.

    On the other hand, the messages are being sent from different telephone numbers registered in Russia. Perhaps they cut a deal with the government and/or phone operator and/or local mob? Previously (when the messages were 5c), they were sent with your own phone number, as configured in the desktop Windows client.

  2. In my Voipbuster account the SMS appear as free:

    Recent Calls all calls
    Date Time Number called Duration Amount
    2007-08-13 12:28:17 UrlSms to +491XXXXXXXXXXX 00:00:00 FREE!
    2007-08-13 12:21:38 UrlSms to +491XXXXXXXXXXX 00:00:00 FREE!

    I suppose that only the SMS from the mobile Java client are free. The other feature, SMS for 5 Cent from the Voipbuster website, exists yet a few months.


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