Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Who needs Sitófono when he can have that for free from Voxalot?

The PhoneBoy writes at The VoipWeblog about Sitófono, the click-to-call solution from Abbeynet.
Sitofono is a rather unique product in the VoIP marketplace. It enables customers to click on a button on your website and they can connect with you. All a customer has to do is input their phone number into the computer and their phone rings, connecting you! Meanwhile, Luca Filifgheddu, the CEO of Abbeynet, let's us know on his personal blog that getting a Sitofono is even easier than it used to be. Four steps and a few hundred Euros later, and you've got click-to-call on your web site for a year.
Why pay a few hundred Euros for click-to-call? I have it just set up for free with Voxalot, powered by free VoIP providers of my choice which are automatically selected by a dial plan:

This is a real phone service. Think twice before you call me at night or try to annoy me with this click-to-call! I live in the Central European Time zone and have those calls filtered, so that my phone rings only at reasonable times. Also I have a nice call log where I can see all the callers' numbers and might call you back.

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  1. From a certain point of view, you are right. On the other hand, you're not in the target of Sitòfono. I would never pay € 499 for a service like that as an individual, but our clients are companies and SME. Otherwise, they should pay a consultant to setup what you did. And I think it's much more expensive (the consultant, I mean :-).

    In addition, you have the time to struggle with different data plans and so on, looking for the free offering by this or that operator, our clients definitely not. They want something easy that solves a problem they have or that they discover to have. That's all.

    Thanks for mentioning.



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