Sunday, December 9, 2007

Call me for free with Tringme!

Much has been said about startups like Ribbit, Tringme or Flashphone which use the Flash browser plugin for click to call widgets. Aswath Rao even declares 2008 the Year of Flash based VoIP Clients. I can only say that you don't have to wait till next year to call me for free using Flash. I love my Tringme call widget:

These calls are entirely free to you, because the caller speaks into the Flash widget on my website using a headset or the laptop's built in phone and speaker. On Linux the sound is a little bit weird. The automatic voice, which says "please wait while we connect your call" before every connection, sounds like a 45 rpm record played on 33. The phone call itself sounds like Mickey Mouse, but still the the words are understandable. On Windows everything works just perfect.

Also to me these calls are entirely free. Other than my widgets from Sitòfono and Voxalot where I have to pay to call the person who wants to contact me.

I achieve this by using FWD as SIP provider to power the Tringme widget. The Tringme account website says "Connect my phone and voicemail widget to Phone number or extension". Unfortunately it accepts only numbers and no SIP addresses in this input mask, but as a workaround I have simply put my FWD number there. In the "TringPhone SIP Settings" part of the account configuration I left my FWD login data. Which means that every Tringme call is in fact a free FWD on net call. You can probably do the same with Gizmo Project's SIP account data and phone numbers, as well as with many other VoIP providers.

Also there is another widget for people who don't want to talk to me, but just leave a voicemail.

Only seconds later I get a call and a voice says "You have a Tringme" before it plays the message. The Tringme widgets are much better than Gizmocall which also allows free calls from a website.

You could call me for free by simply typing in your browser's address bar. This website also uses Flash, but additionally you have to install a plugin for Windows or Mac. For ten months yet Gizmo owes us a Linux plugin. Although the company's CEO, Michael Robertson, even has his own Linux distribution, Linspire.

But why bother? The Flash browser plugin gets more and more versatile and works on all platforms. It's a new way to disrupt the telco industry, circumventing the PSTN and offering a new option for free phone calls that so many people appreciate.

So, if you want, please give me a Tringme call!

And, before you ask: No, I couldn't get Truphone's Facebook application running, which should basically do the same like Tringme, only that it uses Java. After one week of tinkering I gave up. But congratulations for winning the "Red Herring 100 Global" Award.


  1. i also like tringme. i have noticed that you can now put in a SIP URI directly for forwarding. leave the provider details(username, passsword) blank and just put the URI where you would put the number.

  2. Hi Markus,

    I am glad that you liked TringMe. As a key member of TringMe team, let me clarify about SIP URI.
    As someone already pointed out, you can now enter SIP URI from the settings. If you are using TringPhone, it is even simpler; SIP URI can directly enter using PC keyboard.

    In both the cases, it performs direct host or DNS SRV lookup based on URI style that offers added flexibility.

  3. With Sitòfono calls are free both for the caller and for the called. You can use it to receive calls and the person who is calling you doesn't pay. You can use it to call your customers and you don't pay the call.

    The main difference is that Sitòfono is not a click-to-call, it's an online customer engagement tool that lets businesses to increase their conversion rate of visitors into customers. This is achievede thorugh click-to-call, a deep integration into business processes, relationships between calls and the purchase process and so on. So you pay a flat rate / year not for the click to call, but for the whole service you get. Something that you are not experiencing since you're using Sitòfono merely as a "personal" click to call. Ciao

  4. @ Luca:
    You are right. Sitòfono is a serious B2B application while Tringme sometimes sounds like Mickey Mouse.

    @ Yusuf:
    When I use a SIP URI for call forwarding it says "Sorry, this call could not be connected as dialed" when I try to use the Tringme widget afterwards. So yesterday I had to go back to the described FWD solution. What am I doing wrong? Please write a small tutorial how it's being done right!

  5. I love voip and so tringme. click to call are marketing gimmicks and not voip.

  6. hey Markus, works fine for me! I believe they (or better Dean and his team have now fixed the initial problems. I just signed up one of our guys working for Pixsta and it worked like BUTTER

    and clearly the benefit are huge
    -free calling on US and Canadian Landline and Mobiles
    - free calls to landlines in 40 countries
    - yes GERMAN landlines as well ;-)
    - free calls to SIP Numbers
    - free calls to Google Talk
    - and sure FREE calls to truphone numbers

    ;-) what do you expect it is ((truphone))

    So try again or have Katie fix the problem.

  7. Hello, flashphone also provide click-to-call widget - check this , everybody can get his own youtube-like code for widget, just need to send a request to and tell em where will it call - SIP URI, PSTN or flashphone directly and your flashphone login. For PSTN you need to add your SIP account in flashphone account manager.

  8. Flashphone CallMe widget available for everyone


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