Sunday, December 2, 2007

What does the the new free phone calls startup Dringg do?

Does anybody know the new VoIP startup Dringg? They make me very courious with their announcements. The Facebook site of Jeff Heubo, CEO and Co-Founder, says;
Keep your cell/landline device(s) & phone number(s).
Our ambition is to build a "Free Call Network" so that anyone could use his or her cell/landline phone to reach worldwide cells & landlines at zero cost.
No download - No Pin - No Wifi or 3G - No Java.

"Dringg is a fast, free and easy way to call family & friends' cells / landlines from yours, no matter where they're physically located", says the company's website. But so far that's the only useful information. Sounds quite interesting, but I have no idea what's behind it. The company seems to be located now in San Francisco, CA. But the founders are from France.
Dring project was fully initiated by Jeff Heubo & Stephane Orey, both friends and co-workers in La Defense, the biggest European Business Center.

Jeff and Stephane studied Business & Telecom Engineering. After a few years un Spain & the US, idea came to build a free alternative to paid calls so that people could just Dringg themselves from their existing landlines and cells.

Obviously they are paving the way for a launch and seed pieces of information to create interest. Jeff Heubo invited me to be one of the first Alpha testers and says that it deals with free calls. But he doesn't tell more and hopes I understand that. A hint could be his Twitter page which says at the top:
“Never be first to market, make something good Greater”
Steve Chazin

So what kind of business is Dringg improving? Jajah? Pudding Media? Yak4ever? Maybe Jeff Pulver shouldn't have headed to Israel to hunt for talents, but better contacted these two French guys.


  1. at the moment it looks like this is nothing; maybe a way to get investors money(why else come to america from france)

    i have had an idea for quite sometime for a gatewaying club. the idea is that more and more operators in different countries offer cheap plans with unlimited calls in network.

    the way it would work is this. you provide for a voip/gsm gateway allowing members to call anyone on that gsm network via your internet connection; in exchange you can you can use any other members gateway to call free. the whole thing was a lot simpler when all networks(in europe) has there own dialing prefixs. now it would require a way to match phone number to network.

  2. if it involves free calls to north america plus landlines in europe it is not too interesting. the market is well saturated with such offeringss. the 'bring your own device and number' tends to hint at cell phones. i am sure it would be calls 'from' cell phones via local numbers.

    what will impress me is when someone offers calls 'too' cell phones in europe for free. rates wre alot higher than they are today when companies started offering unlimited calls to landlines. it is time to upgrade thoose offerings to include cell phones. particularly the offers that are ad based. i will happilly submit myself to advertising or even pudding media style 'listening' but only if I am getting something in return that I can not find for free without ads.
    such as calls to more expensive locations or premuim numbers such as cell phones.

  3. last time i checked a couple weeks ago the dringg website said that they would soon be changing their name. now the website seems to be gone completely. any news about about dringg?


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