Sunday, January 20, 2008

First hand comparation from a Tringme Beta Tester and Ribbit Developer

My last blog post "Tringme does the Ribbit" received an interesting comment from a person who seems to know the topic very well. The anonymous commentator calls himself "both a tringme beta tester and a ribbit developer" and reveals that Ribbit applications will cost their clients an arm and a leg, compared to normal VoIP prices. Skype and Jajah will seem cheap compared to Ribbit. Although I hardly ever use them because I get my VoIP calls much cheaper from other providers.

I hope this comment wasn't just a plot from Tringme to take on Ribbit. To me it sounds reasonable. At the end both companies will suffer when Adobe makes Pacifica a standard VoIP feature for the Flash Player.

Read the entire comment from the insider!

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  1. i would keep a close eye on ribbit's amphibian project.

    both tringswitch and ribbit claim to have interoperability with skype developed and part of the future releases. it will be very interesting to see if either includes skype through their hosted networks in the free VOIP only editions on there products.

    there is finally some momentum into hosted skype integration with DIDWW and jetnumbers both now offering skypein alternatives; as well as business VOIP phone platforms such as OIGAA that can call out to skype users even if you have never opened your own skype account. by now we all know what net2max can do.

    what no one does(and we known you are looking for Markus) is provide a simply solution for handling inbound skype calls. ribbit or tringme may end up being that platform. certainly ribbit's amphibian project would be lacking on it claim to be a place to consolidate(forward) all your different phones if it offer skype outbound but not inbound. do not give up hope just yet.


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