Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I am looking for interviews about VoIP security for a big German magazine

Dear readers,

I need your help: Until Januar 25, 2008, I have to deliver an article about VoIP security to a big German economy magazine with 770.000 readers. Therefor I am looking for interesting information and interviews. One focus of the article is mobile VoIP security, but not the only one.

The magazine regularily engages me as a freelancing writer for such topics. But this time I want to unleash the power of Web 2.0 by posting this inquiry to my blog.

Do you have interesting material that could be helpful for this article? Maybe I should do an interview to you?

I am looking for speeches, presentations, whitepapers, blog post and similar stuff about VoIP security threats (wiretapping, minute stealing, man in the middle attacks, DoS attacks...) and how to prevent them (encryption, firewalls, ...). So please send me your PDF, URL, Powerpoint or Word document about the topic in the next few days!

I will read the information and then contact you for an interview. These points are interesting to me:
  1. What are the most common / most dangerous / latest security threats?
  2. Interesting cases of VoIP security breaches and actual hacks?
  3. How to protect VoIP / mobile VoIP?
You can find my contact data here or simply post a comment to this blog entry.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards,
Markus Göbel

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  1. I've done a number of presentations on VoIP security topics over the past few years. I'd be happy to conduct an email or voice interview if you'd like. You can check out my credentials at my personal web site, http://www.dustintrammell.com


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