Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Cellity gets funding from Skype's seed investor

In February Tim von Törne, VP Business Development of Cellity and former Germany head of Skype, told me that they were hoping for venture capital for an international rollout.

Cellity's business is a least cost router for mobile phones which allows mobile phone users to reduce their local call costs by 60 per cent and international call costs by up to 90 per cent. Before every mobile phone call a Java client checks in the background whether the call can be connected for a cheaper price trough Cellity's 0800 or local numbers. A good idea for low techies. I personally don't need it since I have a calltrough installed on my own ATA.

Now Cellity finally got their money, says the lates press release: Skype's seed investort Mangrove Capital Partners has invested in a funding round. Mangrove, which is based in Luxembourg, has participated alongside German VC Neuhaus Partners in the company.

Unfortunately Cellity seems to work quite crappy, tells Germany's savviest mobile phone nerd Henning Gajek in his latest blog post at Xonio.

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