Monday, July 2, 2007

Jajah + iPhone = no news

Now it's finally out what Jajah invented in the latest six months for the iPhone. And what is it?


As I guessed already three months ago they only brought their website to the iPhone screen. That's like if every internet company would publish a press release that their website also works on the iPhone.

It's a no news. But still media like ZDNet or TechCrunch are presenting it as a breakthrough.

Jajah deserves an award as "Master of Misleading Public Relations". Yet on april, 6, 2007, I said in my posting "Jajah misleads the media with news on iPhone, LG Prada and Sony PSP":

Jajah is doing nothing for the iPhone, the LG Prada or the Playstation Portable (PSP). They design no extra software and have no exclusive contracts to preinstall Jajah on these devices. At least they don't say so in their press releases. The company is just announcing that their mobile website can be opened on these devices.

That's like if I would announce that the website of Markus Göbel's Tech News Comments is compatible with the iPhone, LG Prada or the Sony PSP. Of course it is. It's a website, stupid! Every device with a browser can open it. is nothing else, but I wouldn't write a press release for every gear that can show my blog.

But still, three months later, there are people buying it as a news. At least GigaOM has already put a ban on Jajah until real news come out.

I wonder how this latest Jajah message will affect the stock price of their investor Qino Flagship, which until now is the only stock trading possibility to participate in Jajah's success. The carpetbaggers are sucking up every Jajah news, no matter how goofy it is. Read their speculations below the latest interview with Jajah's co founder Daniel Mattes!


  1. Have to disagree with you on this one Markus
    I posted about this almost 7 months ago regarding Jajah’s seemingly endless amounts of press releases.
    This is definitely news in my opinion. Are the people who purchase iPhones interested in saving money?
    Not so sure on that one

  2. Hello Pat,

    which of your blog posts are you refering to? You have tons about Jajah. Quite interesting to read. But I did not find the one you mention.

    I think it's no news that Jajah works on the iPhone. It would be a news if this wasn't the case. Then Jajah would be one of the very few websites that don't work on the iPhone's Safari.

    Also I think that everyone is interested in saving money. Especially when people have to pay so much for their cell phone contract like the poor iPhone users in the US. In Germany we are quite impressed by these high numbers.

    I guess many people pay more than they should, just to be seen with the cool iPhone. 60 till 100 dollars monthly seems just incredible to me.

    I pay about 10 dollars.


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