Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Voxalot not free for me anymore

Voxalot is one of my favourite web based PBXes. I like it very much for its ease of use and because it was free. But not anymore for the services I need.

From 16th of July, 2007, they charge US$25 for an annual subscription to the VoxPremium account which offers Web Callback, Call Forwarding and enables to set up to five providers for in-bound connections and DID registrations. You can read it here.

"We will, of course, continue to offer a free service called VoxBasic to those members who want to use the basic functions", says Voxalot's information.

Too sad that these basic functions don't cover the ones I need!

Actually I have about 20 providers registered at Voxalot for in-bound connections. In-bound is much more important to me than out-bound. A small relief for heavy users, like me, could be this:
For those users who need more than 5 SIP registrations you can opt for VoxPremium(+5), which will cost US$40, and provides an additional 5 SIP registrations for a total of 10 SIP registrations.
So I would still have to pay US$80 per year for Voxalot. That's too much for me, who uses Voxalot mainly for testing purposes.

I guess it's time to install my own Asterisk server.

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