Friday, September 7, 2007

Can the new iPod touch download podcasts over Wifi?

Does anybody know whether you can download podcasts wirelessly from iTunes to the new iPod touch?

I cannot find an answer to that.

I guess this new wireless device could fulfil all my musical needs. But Steve Jobs shouldn't think that I would buy music over Wifi from his iTunes store! That's a new feature of the iPod touch which has been celebrated in all the news.

But the best iTunes feature are the free podcasts, like Dance Department, winner of the category Best Podcast at the 2007 Miami Winter Music Conference. Every week another world famous DJ is on the decks, no annoying advertising or cheap talk. Just one interesting interview, the best dance tracks of the week and a 30 minutes high class DJ set plus one "educating classic".

But I am fed up with downloading podcasts to the laptop and syncing to the iPod. I would like to download them directly over Wifi and delete them when the memory is full.

This leads me to the next question: Does the new iPod generation finally have a delete button?


  1. I asked an Apple helper on their site and he said yes.

    But I'm not convinced. I won't buy this thing unless it can do that. I'm sick of hooking up my iPod every time something new is downloaded.h

  2. I agree totally. I really hopes it picks up my subscriptions from my existing iTunes install and does the automatic download via WiFi. I can live without being able to subscribe to *new* podcasts over WiFi, but I want the existing ones to continue.


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