Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Who wants and invitation to GrandCentral?

Since Luca says that a similar offer turned out to be one of his most popular blog posts ever, I will also give it a try: Who wants an invitation to Google's GrandCentral? I still have some to give.

The proceeding is the same that we followed with the invitations to Joost: The person who wants a GrandCentral invitation from me should just ask in the comment section of this blog and tell me why I should choose especially him or her.


  1. Not only will I make a good use of your invite and thank you for the rest of my life (or till Grandcentral lives, whichever is earlier), I would also give you my GrandCentral number in return.

    Jokes apart, I seriously require the invite, have been waiting for quite some time to receive an invite from Grandcentral. Kindly mail the invite to alok[dot]saboo[at]gmail.com

    Kindly oblige.

  2. That post got 156 comments so far... not that bad!

  3. I am writing the German fring blog and wondering how i could improve my mobile experience with Grand CEntral. Especially curious to see how that works with European/German numbers in terms of cost. sebastiankeil at gmail dot com is the address. thanks so much.

  4. Marcus,
    I would love an invite if you still have one. I have been waiting for Grand Central to send out the next batch for a while now. I would use it for my small company so I can stop taking calls on my mobile number at night and on the weekends.

    info at brilliantexpos dot com

  5. i'm a grad student researching mobile communications for development in emerging countries. would like to try this new service anticipating google's upcoming phone offering.


  6. Someone said they sent me an invitation, but I never received it. Now they're out of invites.

    Please send one to ivegotspammail at yahoo dot com.

    Thank you!

  7. Hi If anyone needs Invitation for Grandcentral you are most welcome.

    I have enough invites but you need to pay 99 cents through paypal for each invite.

    If interested can send me an email.


    Also you can visit my website for great voip stuff .. www.mywoip.com

  8. Hi.. if you have a spare invite left .. and wanted to give it to some one who is in a need , then you can choose me... i would be gratefull to you.. for sharing the invite..


    Thanks a lot in advance

  9. "One number for life". Well, I was born in 1941, so my life could end before I get one ... unless you invite me.

  10. Please send one to fchershey@gmail.com
    You're the best!!

  11. I am moving overseas for work for several months and this would make it much easier to communicate with my family and children. I also am looking forward to the possible google phone service offering. Much appreciate if could share an invitation if you have any left.

  12. If you have any invite still available, please email me srinin@gmail.com



  13. Please send an invite to alulagirl AT googlemail DOT com if you have any left. Thank you.

  14. If you have any invitations left you please send me one. I think it will be interesting to see if it lives up to its billing. I think I will find use in separating my private and personal lives as well as offering my clients more personalized service. You can send the invite to mundy1atbellsouthdotnet

  15. I would like to try it out,if I have one. Would you please send me an invitation.

  16. Hi, I am looking for a Grandcentral invitation if you have any left. I need it for business use.


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